Top Shopify features I wish for: An ever-evolving wishlist

Last updated on July 15, 2024

Visiting the Shopify Office in 2018

As a freelance developer working on Shopify since 2011, I've seen the platform evolve with many significant features. While Shopify is powerful and versatile, there's always room for improvement. This post shares features I believe would greatly benefit developers and merchants. I'll keep this wishlist updated with new ideas as they emerge. Whether you're a developer or a Shopify enthusiast, I hope you find these suggestions insightful and join the conversation to make Shopify even better.

A big thank you to the talented Shopify team for continuously enhancing the platform and making it better every day for all of us. 🙏

Feature wishlist:

  • More storefront filters

    Storefront filters are currently limited to 25. For large catalogues this is way to low.

    • Metafields
  • Product category metafields as storefront filters

    The new product category Metafields can't be added in the Search & Discover app. Confirmed it's in the works.

    • Metafields
  • And/Or logic in automated collections

    When setting up automated collections in Shopify you must choose between match all or any conditions. It would be better to have more flexibility using and/or logic. For example: Setting up a collection that has a Vendor Volcom AND color black or grey.

    • Admin
  • API endpoint to update Unit prices

    Updating unit_price_measurement using the admin API is not possible. (Making it impossible to import/export in bulk) Additionally, this feature is oddly limited to Europe.

    • API
  • Assign custom metafields to categories

    Add conditions to all product metafields. So merchants only see metafields in the admin relevant to the product category.

    • Metafields
  • Klaviyo: Integration with markets

    Klaviyo doesn't sync profile properties about a customer locale or domain. Making it impossible to properly setup custom segments. Current workaround is to use Shopify Flow to push the customer locale via the API.

    • Klaviyo
  • Klaviyo: Sync customer metafields

    Klaviyo only synchronizes customer metafields in one direction. While you can configure profile properties such as birthday in Klaviyo and have them pushed to a customer's metafield, any updates made to that metafield will not be reflected back in Klaviyo.

    • Klaviyo
  • Native A/B testing

    A/B testing is possible, but with a heavy performance impact. Ideally a native solution implemented at the edge. Similar to Vercel.

    • Liquid
  • Personalization at the edge

    A native solution implemented at the edge. Similar to Vercel.

    • Liquid
  • Range sliders for numeric metafield storefront filters

    Adding range sliders for integer and decimal storefront filters. Example. Sorting length, width...

    • Metafields
  • Sort options for metaobject entries

    Give merchants more control over how they sort metaobject entries. For example, this feature wishlist utilizes metaobjects, and it would be beneficial to allow manual sorting. Current workaround: Add an integer metafield and use Liquid to rearrange the list.

    • Metafields


  • Translate product categories once

    The new product categories can be translated, but on a product level. Ideally these can be translated once.

    Shopify editions 2024 fix!

    • Translate & Adapt
    • Metafields